Создание вебсайтов

We are doing the best sites for our clients


Landing page

It is a promotional content on a single page with an attractive design. Such pages should attract attention of internet users at the first screen (without scrolling).
A landing page is created without the CMS integration. The main purpose of this page is to make a client submit an application or call a potential client from the advertising (online, offline) companies.

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Business card website

Small companies often save money and do not develop a website, they create a business card website (often called a website stub). This website has brief information about services and goods, contacts and feedback form.

The disadvantage of this website is that it will not participate in the search results with its competitors. The website is similar to the landing page, but it has more information.

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Internet shopping

This website is for shops expanding their boundaries beyond their location, and wishing to attract customers from the Internet. Creating an online shop takes a long time, requires integration with a database of goods, a well-designed search filter for items.
When we create an Internet shop, we optimize the product card to be competitive in the search engine.

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Corporate website

It is a valuable website for businesses and it consists of many pages with different opportunities for Internet users.
What is it in this site? Services, goods, tools of calculation, company news etc.

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Internal portal

There are sections of the site closed to public access, but convenient for working with partners, colleagues and others and responsible for the business process of the company.
The functionality of the internal portal can be different and the complexity of the design also may vary.

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Website promotion

You have a website, but after a while you forget about it because there are no customers there. Our goal is to promote your website. Having an attractive website is not enough, it requires additional work on SEO optimization.

Today search engines have hundreds of rank factors for your site. We try to promote the website according to the search engine requirements.

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You have a website that is published in the Internet, and you ask yourself what support you need.

Every day we have new opportunities to attract clients, update CMS and plugins, repulse virus attacks, make minor changes on the website and in the code. We have an individual approach to every project to maintain our customers’ websites.

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